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Togt 15 uge 31 Sailing Democracy – European Commision

Togt 15 Uge 31 Sailing Democracy &European Commission

Søndag d.26-07-14

Mellem kl.1400 og kl. 1800 ankom tre hold unge folk fra tre forskellige EØ land. 8 fra Værts landet Danmark, 8 fra Frankrig og 8 Slovenien, plus deres lære, 30 gæster i alt.

Fordi dette er et europæiske togt og det fælles sprog om bord denne uge er engelske, fortsætte jeg på English.


Sunday evening after dinner there were introduction games so that, teachers and students could be well introduced to each other. They were also introduced to the daily rules for living on board a sailing ship, and by 2200 hrs. I think everyone was very tired. Many had traveled a long way to Svendborg, and speaking a foreign language all the time, is all very tiring. By 2230hrs it was very quiet on board.

Saturday the 27th.

After a thorough safety instruction in English , and an introduction into the daily routines, we were ready to depart at 1200hrs. Getting three very different cultures and three different languages to understand each other, via a fourth language, can at first take some time. Within a few hours we got into a rhythm of speaking, what I would call an improvised English.saing democracy 006saing democracy 014


We sat sail in Svendborg sound and proceeded to Aeroeskoebing in very light winds. While underway a family friend come by in his speed boat and offered to take some of the guests for fast ride around the M.S Fylla so they could take some pictures of the Fylla under sail.

saing democracy 005

We arrived in Aeroeskoebing at about 1630 hrs. tying up alongside a large Dutch sailing schooner. After evening dinner there was again games and talking in English, on board Fylla and on the quayside. Many of the games and talks were designed with democratic overtones.

saing democracy 010

Monday the 28th.

Again not very much wind today, but a beautiful sunny day, so after leaving Aeroeskoebing at 1000hrs we sat sail and motor sailed until we rounded the north end of the island Aeroe, were a nice wind from NNW took us over the Lille Belt, were the wind again dropped off  to almost 0 .

saing democracy 015

At about 1600 we took the sail down and continued our trip to Sandyvig (Sandy bay)  through the Soenderborg clap bridge at 1700 and on through Als sound and Als fjord. At 1830 we reached Sandvig were we dropped anchor for the night.

saing democracy 018

It was a beautiful evening/night very little wind a lot of stars.

Tuesday the 29th.

With sun rise came a light land wind, and the sounds of birds in from the shore.

0900 hrs. the students had a good taste of what it was like to be a seaman in the good old days before engines. The anchor had to come up by hand, with Fyllas hand operated winch.

sailing democracy 2 002

0930 hrs. and Fylla was underway again, the hope for a sailing wind disappeared shortly afterwards, when the morning breeze die away, so we motored to Kolding. Under way to Kolding we practiced, fire drill, heaving line throwing and splicing. Democracy was also discussed, between the international groups.

sailing democracy 2 006sailing democracy 2 004

Some of the guest were lucky enough to spot some small pilot whales in the narrow part of the Lille Belt. We arrived in Kolding at 1600hrs. There were again games and discussions in English after evening dinner.

Wednesday the 30th

Today was planned as a shopping day and tourist day, but there was also group games in the park around the ruins of the old Kolding castle. The students had made lunch paks which they took with them to eat in town., but I think there was also bought a lot of chips and cola.

International brev kasse på Fylla - International post box on board Fylla
International brev kasse på Fylla – International post box on board Fylla


At 1500 hrs they were all back at Fylla, and many of them hurried over to the showers, at the yacht club to get a quick wash. For some reason all young people, no matter their culture, need two showers a day. This evening was a planned night sail, leaving Kolding at 1600 hrs. and arriving at Kerteminde at 1000 hrs,

Lille Belt bridge
Lille Belt bridge


We departed Kolding at 1630 hrs. and sat sail almost immediately, the wind was westerly, fresh and with only a little sail up we managed 3 to 4 kts. After a beautiful sunset over Lille Belt , the stars came out on an almost clear night, but no moon.sailing democracy 2 020

Thursday the 31st.

At 0005 we passed Appel Island, and the red blinking buoy off the north end. At 0200 there was a change of watch€™s the starboard watch came on deck until 0600. At 0450 Fylla rounded Fyns Hoved and we changed course , southwards so that the wind and waves came in abeam. The new movement and healing of the ship gave some of the passengers strange feelings in the stomachs until we were again in the lee of the land.

sailing democracy 2 021

At 0515 hrs. the sun came up and shone through the clouds, warming up the cold guests and drying the dampness off the ship. 0800 hrs. everybody was op on deck, 0830 hrs. breakfast was served, and at 1000 hrs. we were moored in Kerteminde harbor, after a beautiful nights sailing, slowly from Kolding to Kerteminde.

sailing democracy 2 023

In the afternoon there were beach games on the wide sandy beaches of Kerteminde, and international talks on board in the evening.

Friday the 1st.

Fylla departed Kerteminde at 0900hrs bound for Lohals,  on the northern end of Langeland. As soon as we were free of the harbor all plain sail was sat and the motor stopped. With a good WSW wind we made good speed southward, but by the time we had reached the east bridge of the Great Belt the wind  had died away and gone into the south, so we had to start the motor again.Sailing Democracy 3 003Sailing Democracy 3 005

We continued on for motor and sail arriving at Lohals at 1530 hrs. During the afternoon there was again games and political discussions. Not to mention time for a shower and a visit to the local kiosk. In the evening there was a party BBQ in the park beside the harbor.

Sailing Democracy 3 008

 Later in the evening there were presentations of gifts and participant certificates. Late into the night there were far well talks and general friendship discussions. Many fell asleep on deck.

Saturday the 2nd.

This morning at 0600 the Slovakian guests departed by bus to Malmø airport, they had a flight home at 1200 hrs. At 0900 Fylla departed Lohals for Svendborg with the remainder of the guests. It all seemed a lot quieter onboard , I think the students on board were missing their new friends from Slovenian. However life goes on and the morning cleaning has to done, and then everyone has to get ready for their departure in Svendborg.

Sailing Democracy 3 009sailing democracy 2 026